Saturday, April 28, 2007

dangerous blues at camden market

last night

more, soon...

Friday, April 27, 2007

30 min before the show

charing cross station visuals

london update

the erasers are set to erase and Prince Harry is not afraid to die

final check

london calling

fragments from tommorow' s performance

mr. comfort' s guitar

somewhere at hackney

Thursday, April 26, 2007


fender jazz bass

bombie baumann' s jazz bass ready to kick some ultra low frequencies this friday.

maria and the callas

mary without the boy at the bethnal green working men' s club

the callas at the bethnal green working men' s club

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the band of holy joy


big mother watches times four.

traditional food in london

eggs and bacon...

the story of the eye

we are in london

Monday, April 23, 2007

Condemn thee Childish

When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. But now I see in a scanner darkly, face to face; now I know in part, but then I knew fully

what is love?

await for further answers...


Ca c'est l'histoire
De Melody Nelson
Qu'à part moi-même personne
N'a jamais pris dans ses bras
Ca vous étonne
Mais c'est comme ça
Elle avait de l'amour
Pauvre Melody Nelson
Ouais, elle en avait des tonnes
Mais ses jours étaient comptés
Quatorze automnes
Et quinze étés
Un petit animal
Que cette Melody Nelson
Une adorable garçonne
Et si délicieuse enfant
Que je n'ai con-
Nue qu'un instant.
Oh! Ma Melody
Ma Melody Nelson
Aimable petite conne
Tu étais la condition
Sine qua non
De ma raison


It doesn't matter if we all die
Ambition in the back of a black car
In a high building there is so much to do
Going home time
A story on the radio

Something small falls out of your mouth
And we laugh
A prayer for something better
A prayer
For something better

It feels like a hundred years
A hundred years
A hundred years
A hundred years
A hundred years
One hundred years

Social Security: Cure 8

Social Security offers the possibilty for curators to be cured of their psychological/meataphysical/ontological/artistic and career advancement problems

Sunday, April 22, 2007

the erasers' studio

I SEE A : an echo from the past


I SEE A : we like to COUM

Intuition is a coum theme.
Emphasis is a coum theme.
Time transfixed is a coum theme.
Maximum realisation ov each persons individuality is a coum theme.
Thee most coumplete exploration ov sexual fantasies, realities, activities and images is a coum theme.
Taking daydreams seriously is a coum theme.
Care-fully balancing thee human body in specific spaces is a coum theme.
Juxtaposing memories is a coum theme.
Perceptual alchemy is a coum theme.
Childhood secretion is a coum theme.
Making Jungian slips is a coum theme.
Extension ov sculptural form is a coum theme.
Analysis ov all personality, moral and social structures is a coum theme.
Simply having honest good fun is a coum theme.
Big love is a coum theme.
A pointless but irresistible unconditional donation ov thee creative SELF to humanity is a coum theme.
Arrangement ov intimate objects and reverence for them is a coum theme.
Parody ov pretension is a coum theme.
Stopping a decline into habit and formula is a coum theme.
Intention as thee key is a coum theme.
Guaranteeing thee disappointment ov all expectations is a coum theme.
Maintaining a sceptical sentimentality is a coum theme.
An end ov any and all male/female separations is a coum theme.
Coum having themes for no reason is a coum theme.
Music and sound made without technical training is a coum theme.
Self-conscious SELF/ Conscious SELF conscious is a coum theme.
Secret clues are a coum theme.
Re-integration ov childhood trauma is a coum theme.
Being left alone being is a coum theme.
Thee search for alternative universes is a coum theme.
Relationships are a coum theme.
A dispassionate quest for other dimensions is a coum theme.
Coum itself is a coum theme.
Yet, thankfully, coum has no themes at all, only intuition.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I SEE A: new state 3

I SEE A: new state 2

I SEE A: new state

I SEE A : The Institute of Exclusion/Censorship

part 4 of Terminal Accident Documents

is it possible that an action might have to be verbally described(or deleted) instead of acted ?


(dialogue while posting this post:
ersaer A: this is a phrase the americans use and not the british, isn't it?
eraser B: yeah, and......
eraser C: wasn't america a british colony?
eraser B: Isn't britain an american colony? )

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I SEE A : Detritus

They (we) are all materials in suspension

The economy of the obvious

The mathematics of state imposed oppositions designed to create the implosion of the original

The state of things in the no_ state
There seems to be an ever- increasing trend towards an aesthetics of D.I.Y in the present evolution of the art cell. Taking it for granted that the reader has a knowledge, or some knowledge of the history of various forms/mutated forms of D.I.Y_ we propose to jump cut from the past and to look at this tendency in its present form.
The main point which we argue (or put forth to you so that you may draw your own conclusions) is that there is no D.I.Y. This is because in most art cells, (in most countries) D.I.Y was a counter movement to a movement. It was (in,at least a Hegelian sense) an antithesis to a thesis. In most cases the thesis was set up by the state (and its government funding) or by corporations (and their private/corporate funding) and therefore the aesthetics/ideology of D.I.Y was a counter force to this thesis. This counter movement was based on the belief that to accept the governmental/private funding would lead to an exploitation of the art cell and the art cells product (what the art cell likes to name as: creation). In today’s reality in the Hellenic non-state in which there is neither government nor private funding, there is no thesis for which D.I.Y can be an antithesis.
In fact, D.I.Y is a self- exploitation. It is a movement that is not relevant. It is defunct. It is in reality a market tool, for what is D.I.Y in a state where everything is done D.I.Y anyway. It is obvious to everyone and anyone of the art cells that if a thing is not done D.I.Y then it is just not done and will never be done.
So, to get to the point at hand- D.I.Y is stating the obvious. It is redundant and a non-proposal.
It is a call to arms in a silent vacuum.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I SEE A: preparing the perhaps

perhaps there is a story to be told/seen/heard
perhaps there is a story within the story
perhaps this makes sense/non-sense
perhaps it is a puzzle that can be completed by the reciever
perhaps this puzzle will always be missing a piece
perhaps the image/sound will never be complete
perhaps images are keys
perhaps sounds are prisons
perhaps everything is a room and everyone has a key and everyone can unlock everything and see and hear and perhaps everyone can lock everything and not see anything and not hear anything

ghostrider: SUICIDE

ghostrider, motorcycle hero
bebebebebebebe he's lokkin' so cute
sneakin' round round round in a blue jumpsuit

ghostrider motorcycle hero
bebebebebebebe he's a-blazin' away
packin' stars stars stars in the universe

ghostrider motorcycle hero
bebebebebebebe he's a-screamin' the truth
america america is killin' its youth

bebebebebebebe he's a-sceamin' away
america america is killin' its youth
america america is killin' its youth


Monday, April 16, 2007

Τρίτη, 24 Απριλίου 2007

Η quetempo εκπέμπει το INDEX με κωδικό 005.

Τρίτη, 24 Απριλίου 2007, οι quetempo all stars παρουσιαζουν το “we are not professionals”, στις 19:00

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007


A specter is haunting Athens - the specter of professionalism.



Social Security in ATHENS is a social program funded through un-dedicated un-professionals for uber_professionals. It’s main purpose is to ensure that Art Cells are properly infected and mutated to the point where they are enclosed in the Art Sale ghetto. SS provides professionals with the proper shape shifting unifroms. Social Security program is the largest Art_government program in the city.

SOCIAL SECURITY(interior_image_modification)

Documents from SOCIAL SECURITY reveal that anti ART CELL drug Pro_Fess, made by SS, should produce violence.
These documents show that Pro_fess, whose generic name is flux, can have serious side effects such as tendency to commit suicide(for the Art Cell) or to behave in a violent manner(for the professional).

Drug Uses

Pro_Fess is a drug used medically in the treatment of depression(for the Art Cell), obsessive-compulsive manipulation(for the professional), image bulimia nervosa(for the uber_professional), and many other uses. It is a psychotropic drug for immoral administration.

How Taken

Pro_Fess usually is taken once or twice a day. To be effective, it should be taken regularly. Make a habit of taking it at the same time you do some other daily activity. It may be 4 weeks before you feel any predatory behavior, but the drug's effects should last about 9 months after a 3-month treatment regimen.

produced for predators
order now

SOCIAL SECURITY(image_ automaton #1)

produced for predators
order now


Beuys began to study medicine in 1940, but his studies were interrupted when he joined the army and served as a fighter pilot. During a mission in 1943, he was badly injured when his plane crashed in a desolate region of south Russia.

so JB was a professional plane crasher before he became a professional ART CELL
or was it the accident of the non-professional that created the ART CELL

later to be confiscated by the professional predator and mutated from ART CELL to ART SALE


another spread from the forthcoming book of anathena exhibition.
limited edition flyer of 500 designed by the bassclass republic.