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Built to Break

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obscured by light

leavesletters from THE FALL

inkblood poison

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this is not...



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the safety of objects/polaroid flesh wound_message from THE FALL

moment_memory corruption/ after THE FALL

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30 seconds imagination during THE FALL

red_green portraits/stop go_pictures from THE FALL

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communication from the abandoned city_1

never disturb a man that is looking intensely at nothing

squarehead bibliotek in cote d' azur


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monaco sucks

At monaco is only allowded to drive very expensive silly cars.

"real" estate agency in Nice

the finest new developments by "real" estate


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The tyranny of the twenty-first century is called "Democracy"

The Other

The problem with human desire is that, as Lacan put it, it is always 'desire of the Other' in all sences of that term: desire for the Other, desire to be desired by the Other, and, especially desire for what the Other desires.

From Zizek' s: Violence

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This is a clear sign of the limit of the multiculturalist 'tollerant' approach which preaches open borders and acceptance of others. If one were to open the borders, the first to rebel would be the local working classes. It is thus becoming clear that the solution is not 'tear down the walls and let themin', the easy empty demand of soft-hearted liberal 'radicals'. The only true solution is to tear down the true wall, not the Immigration Department one, but the socio-economic one: to change society so that people will no longer desperately try to escape their own world.

Slavo Zizek: Violence


charlie bird parker and chan parker

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yesterday in nice

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in the gallery of glass hearts roll up your sleeves and plough thru the cuts and breaks

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Les Paul is dead

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architecture in nice

art in nice

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yesterday with ESG at Cannes

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a 90s track

a 90 s track

spot the difference

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