Saturday, April 28, 2007

last night

more, soon...


Anonymous safeshadow said...

ένα πουλάκι told me it was perfect on stage, did you erase the audience?

9:42 AM  
Anonymous ICAarchive said...

THE BEST! THE BEST! THE BEST PERFORMANCE! encore, encore, encore

9:51 AM  
Anonymous noborder said...

everything was locked together, in a multi-sided performance, in which experience was driven by repetition and the accumulation of references to sounds and images, each even more ambiguous than the last

10:00 AM  
Anonymous pat cariou said...

excellent/different.beautiful......and much, much is a shame that there was such bad organization, a far as promoting this mini-festival.......there are so many things happening in lodon.......but hs to get the punters in the seats, as is said
i am glad that i heard about this show from a friend of mine and very gald that i experienced it

12:43 PM  
Anonymous no/head/core said...

please come to london again
but not at the ica
u must(should) play at a real venue and really rip it up
do u have a safe contact mail so i can send you info?
please reply

3:23 PM  

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