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The Seneca anti-source

“To consort with the crowd is harmful,” Seneca writes in Letter VII of Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, “[because] there is no person who does not make some vice attractive to us, or stamp it upon us, or taint us unconsciously therewith. Certainly, the greater the mob with which we mingle, the greater the danger.”

(a-to develop a parallel culture in which we commune among ourselves to strengthen our opposition to the dominant culture
b-to imagine a positive cultural movement that focuses first on building small communities of resistance that are impervious to the influences of mass culture)


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W(rec) Mode

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Plague Syndrome

in the middle course between the heights and the depths, we drifted through life rather than lived, the prey of aimless days and sterile memories, like wandering shadows that could have acquired substance only by consenting to root ourselves in the solid earth of our distress.
thus we came to know the incorrigible sorrow of all prisoners and exiles, which is to live in the company with a memory that serves no purpose.

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The Actions of Voluntary Restraint


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Ministry of Antisocial Insecurity

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i know you are but what am i ?

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Kingdom Professional

Kingdom professional (ism)
Part one

There is a new breed of well cultivated, wired and culturally tired (they are tired and jaded because this is their signature/their hallmark and trade card) new professionals that are beginning to enforce there hegemony on the so called Greek art scene (cells). This is a new strand /a new virus.
What are the characteristics?
One of the most important characteristics of this virus is that they like to infiltrate into the nucleus of the art cells, to absorb whatever originality there might be in these cells and then to incorporate this originality into their own profit oriented metabolism: the metabolism of manipulation.

A new predatory animal that can smell success (Damien Hirst’s shark is out of the formaldehyde and is in the water, it is not cut up and it is searching for new talent/raw meat. It is the professional as a work of predatory art)

The second characteristic is that they like to take very dangerously, calculated risks. What is the nature of this risk taking? On one level it is creating synthetic antagonisms between various art cells and then when this antagonism is fuelled and finally leads to a form of destruction (either self-destruction of a single cell or mutual destruction between cells) then the professional will side with the strongest party and gain as much as possible from this party but they will also console the weakest party because they will be able to profit off of their position of weakness. On a second level it is allowing themselves to be put in a (seemingly) risk taking position( this is usually communicated thru such terms/phrases as: I believe in you when no one else does/I have staked my career on you etc…) and then playing this position so that the art cells will feel the need to cater to the economics of the professional. In terms used by another writer, the professional creates a superior algebra of need.
The third characteristic is that the new professional (or as we would say a parasite) is also an artist. And in fact they are. They have elevated dependence, intellectual malnutrition, and the overall buy now pay never and steal and profit from any originality into a form of art.
Of course there are also other characteristics but many of these seem to be passed from generation to generation. For instance the fact that most of these professional predators are from a proper lineage, that they have an abundance of money (and therefore time) and all the other usual characteristics which are well known and which one would not spend time to document.
Probably the most dangerous characteristic of the professional is that he/she is undistinguishable from the art cells that are infiltrated and digested (and finally manipulated) by him/her.
To be continued with: shape shifting/the professionals new clothes


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CC_program/one: naive theory


non-pragmatic situations
will only be found
after several years
of wrong calculations



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the last image of a cell phone camera death

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impossible vision_audio aid

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new singles out now!


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device: devise