Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leviathan ll

freedom is the silence of the law (external history, the politics of the linear)
law is the silence of the image (internal history, the politics of the abstract)

Violence is the reformation of the basic principles of the centers of transmission for information/enterteinment in such a way that the viewer is given a pseudo space where they are led to believe that they can maneuver of their own free will within the image landscape.In fact this space is controlled by the transmission centers to such a degree that images are designed to be abstract and non-aligned while at same time they are calculated to such a degree so that the biological editing that occurs as the shutting and open of the eye lid is predetermined.
We are at the point where we are witnessing the largest construction/production of the most effective synthetic drug that has appeared in the history of addiction.

the opium war part 2 : preemptive propaganda for the purpose of designing non-restiance. The viewer is given the completed image, the synthesis is witnessed and within the synthesis the thesis and antithesis has been incorporated. So that what is their for one to resist against?
the fall of the forbidden city: the realm of the retina and the invasion of certain centers of the cortex opening them up to image pollution. This image pollution is effective exactly because it creates the need to need it . the lines of war have been blurred in such a way that the viewer asks for the invasion.
Image trafficking: all landscapes covered by the veil of "the image". the new monetary system is based on image exchange, the stock market as stock footage market.
The infinite trade: instantaneous re-production of the image in a new real time that is more real than the real time as it has been developed in history. This new real time is outside of history, or rather it is closer to a new bio-history that is created thru a dialogue of images(image trade).


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