Thursday, April 19, 2007

The economy of the obvious

The mathematics of state imposed oppositions designed to create the implosion of the original

The state of things in the no_ state
There seems to be an ever- increasing trend towards an aesthetics of D.I.Y in the present evolution of the art cell. Taking it for granted that the reader has a knowledge, or some knowledge of the history of various forms/mutated forms of D.I.Y_ we propose to jump cut from the past and to look at this tendency in its present form.
The main point which we argue (or put forth to you so that you may draw your own conclusions) is that there is no D.I.Y. This is because in most art cells, (in most countries) D.I.Y was a counter movement to a movement. It was (in,at least a Hegelian sense) an antithesis to a thesis. In most cases the thesis was set up by the state (and its government funding) or by corporations (and their private/corporate funding) and therefore the aesthetics/ideology of D.I.Y was a counter force to this thesis. This counter movement was based on the belief that to accept the governmental/private funding would lead to an exploitation of the art cell and the art cells product (what the art cell likes to name as: creation). In today’s reality in the Hellenic non-state in which there is neither government nor private funding, there is no thesis for which D.I.Y can be an antithesis.
In fact, D.I.Y is a self- exploitation. It is a movement that is not relevant. It is defunct. It is in reality a market tool, for what is D.I.Y in a state where everything is done D.I.Y anyway. It is obvious to everyone and anyone of the art cells that if a thing is not done D.I.Y then it is just not done and will never be done.
So, to get to the point at hand- D.I.Y is stating the obvious. It is redundant and a non-proposal.
It is a call to arms in a silent vacuum.


Blogger Catalina said...

Βρε παιδιά, αφού διαβασμένα είστε, άποψη έχετε, ωραία τα λέτε, μήπως θα ήταν καλό να τα γράφατε και στα ελληνικά? Ok. I see ότι με τα αγγλικά γίνεστε αντιληπτοί και στους funs που δεν ομιλούν την ελληνική. Όμως έχω την αίσθηση ότι και τα ελληνικά θα αποδίδανε το ίδιο αν όχι και καλύτερα πολλές από τις θέσεις σας. Και το λέω μόνο και μόνο επειδή τα fanzines σας έχουν εξαιρετικό ενδιαφέρον και είναι στα elinikos! Βέβαια πας μη όλων ο δημιουργός και ο τρόπος που θέλει να εκφραστεί. Keep going... ΥΓ: Μια σκέψη διατυπώνω.

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