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Peter Weibel: Observation of the Observation: Uncertainty

This installation is part of the video sculpture 'Crucifixion of the Identity' for both works have to do with crosses.
The closed-circuit video installation called Observation of Observation - Uncertainty (1973) produced a self-image of the spectator that mirrored them from a different point of view but never through the laws of physical mirroring. In a similar manner to his previous work the distortion of the self through the self-representation, or more particularly the diverse expectation and novel observation of the self, generated a shifted self-consciousness.
Weibel: 'The cameras and monitors are juxtaposed in such a way that the viewers are unable to see themselves from the front, no matter how much they twist and turn. The self-observers see different parts of their bodies, but never their faces. Shut inside a room, every point in the room is the observers jailer, perspective of their deathly fate.'

gary hill

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in my room

Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant

repulsion 6 / the apartment_raw material(s)//////confessions/mirrors (three)

repulsion 6 / the apartment_raw material(s)//////confessions/mirrors (two)

repulsion 6 / the apartment_raw material(s)//////confessions/mirrors (one)

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repulsion 6 / the apartment_raw material

repulsion 6 / room 5

i use this room like a disease uses a body.  i corrupt it, eat away at it, mar the walls with my hands. the room smells of my blood. i am in the bed.  the mattress is rotting beneath me.  my urine has eaten a hole in it.
i can't tell where my body leaves off and the matress begins.
when i get up to go to the toilet, i tear my body in half.


repulsion 6 / room 2

i have wasted myself. i have turned myself into something i can not control.  i am dwarfed, minimized by everything around me.  i am scared of what is going to happen next.  any unpredicted movement, any sound i have not anticipated, terrifies me, lessens me.  there is a pair of scissors on the desk in front of me.  i am picking them up, opening and closing them, pressing the rings of metal against my bone.  i am sticking my finger into the blades of the scissors and squeezing as hard as i can. they are dull.  they will not cut into me.  it does not hurt, it throbs, reminding me of the existence of my hand, which disgusts me.  i hate my body more than i hate the objects and events that rub aginst it.
i do not despise the condition of my life as much as i despise the existence of my flesh.


process_1 (in progress) :repulsion 6/ the apartment (working titles)

internal/external landscape
connections (possible)
immune system
communication patterns


possible narrative(non_narrative) structures_for in progress work(s)

disorganized complexity
(inormation_disipline/ exploring the boundaries between noise and information_on verbal/sonic/visual platforms)

steady series of resignations

everything begins(and ends)
in whiteness
the intense whiteness                     the dialogue is established                                      the rooms: break in/of
                                                    of the light which strikes                                         language_small mouths
                                                    the apartment floors, the inhabitants faces               of objects and women
                                                    with it's silver handled whip

                                                                         disorganization of the text
                                                                         breaking off of the narrative

she tries to leave, somehow
seek out the reasoning that keeps her detained/self-detained
                                                                                             self awareness is summon from self awareness
                                                                                             truth in ceaseless movements, in distraction
                                                 UNITY CONDEMNS
                                                 plunge into disparity, in search of the anonymous


process_1 (in progress) :repulsion 6/ the apartment (working titles)

(n.) The act of repulsing or repelling, or the state of being repulsed or repelled.

(n.) A feeling of violent offence or disgust; repugnance.

(n.) The power, either inherent or due to some physical action, by which bodies, or the particles of bodies, are made to recede from each other, or to resist each other's nearer approach; as, molecular repulsion; electrical repulsion.

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scene 43: conversation/language corruption/the safety of objects