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the future of the present state

the chain of events

a small example on the search for the origin of originality

the atrocity exhibition

chapter 13


"stolen" by guy from MAL


said by sax

Don't do your work, just do your thing.

short term memory is preferable

Utter originality is, of course, out of the question


Originality is undetected plagiarism.

darwins boy

Originality is the art of concealing your sources

the origin of origin(ality)_2

the origin of origin(ality)

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fututre information excavation

The field of vision is comparable, for me, to the terrain of an archaeological dig. To see is to be on guard, to wait for what emerges from the background, without any name, without any particular interest: what was silent will speak, what is closed will open and will take on a voice.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DA does not mean DA


1. each part of the rhizome can be connected with any other part, and it must be;
2. in a rhizome there are no dots or positions, as we find in tree-like or root-like structures;
3. in a rhizome there are only lines;
4. any part of a rhizome can be broken up; it will grow again, following one of the lines
5. the rhizome is anti-genealogical;
6. the rhizome always has its own outside, with which it makes rhizome;
7. the rhizome is not a cast, but a map; the map is open, it can be connected with something else, in each of its dimensions; it can be taken to pieces, put upside-down; it is open to continuous modifications;
8. a network of trees, branching out in any direction, can make rhizome (that is to say that a partial network of trees can be artificially cut out from any rhizome);
9. the rhizome has no center, so that in it the local initiatives can be coordinated independently from a central or original instance.

circuits + sand (D_E)

the Book of Sand is a volume of incalculable pages, an inconceivable and nightmarish object, "an obscene thing that defames and corrupts reality".

mutated communications magnet malfunctions (as it should)

Monday, September 24, 2007

the new species

transmission / 1

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WINTERMUTE: datastream dreams

The dream, the memory, unreeled with the monotony of an unedited simstim tape. […]

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"crashed" info: the dissemination of propaganda thru no_sense channels/forms and the simulacra of second society "entertainment"

There are three orders of simulacra:

(1) natural, naturalistic simulacra: based on image, imitation, and counterfeiting. They are harmonious, optimistic, and aim at the reconstitution, or the ideal institution, of a nature in God's image.

(2) productive, productionist simulacra: based on energy and force, materialized by the machine and the entire system of production. Their aim is Promethean: world-wide application, continuous expansion, liberation of indeterminate energy (desire is part of the utopias belonging to this order of simulacra).

(3) simulation simulacra: based on information, the model, cybernetic play. Their aim is maximum operationality, hyperreality, total control.

JUNK: the un_identified abstract information virus

In molecular biology, "junk" DNA is a collective label for the portions of the DNA sequence of a chromosome or a genome for which no function has yet been identified. About 80-90% of the human genome has been designated as "junk", including most sequences within introns and most intergenic DNA. While much of this sequence may be an evolutionary artifact that serves no present-day purpose, some is believed to function in ways that are not currently understood.

ΔEXT ( dis_course / retrovirology)


A "(r)evolution" is interesting insofar as it avoids like the plague the plague it promised to heal.

Friday, September 14, 2007

ενα γράμμα

Το ότι οι καλλιτέχνες όταν ξεμένουν απο πραμάτεια προς πώληση καταφέυγουν συχνά πυκνά στο μιμητισμό του επαναστατικού λόγου για να αναδειχθούν ως "ρηξικέλευθοι" ή πρωτοπόροι, είναι καλά γνωστό. Αυτό ωστόσο δεν το κάνει και λιγότερο αηδιαστικό.
Οι καλλιτεχνίσκοι του Destroy Athens ψιλοχορτασμένοι κατα πως φαίνεται απο ό,τι κατάφεραν να γλύψουν απο το υπουργείο πολιτισμού, βρωμίζουν τους τοίχους της πόλης με και καλά ακραίες αφίσσες. Αφού πρώτα ορμάνε σαν λυσσάρηδες να ξεκοκαλίσουν κάθε φραγκάκι που τους παρέχει αφειδώς η μπιενάλλε για να είναι αυτό που είναι -γελοίοι και υποκριτές- μας πετάνε μετά στη μούρη και την κάλπικη "αρνησή" τους. Όλα αυτά βέβαια μέσα στο κλίμα της μεταμοντέρνας έκπτωσης των εννοιών που καλύπτει το σιχαμερό νεο κυνισμό τους.
Καλλιτέχνες και λοιποί κρατικοδίαιτοι του Destroy Athens εσείς να πάτε να γαμηθείτε. Οι κωλοαφίσσες σας κατεβήκαν την ίδια μέρα που τις κολήσατε, ώρα να συμβεί το ίδιο και με τις μάπες σας.
Αντε, φάτε ό,τι μπορείτε και πίσω στα ατελιέ σας, λυσσάρηδες. Ουστ!

p.s. stamps back

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Big Brother Democracy

Recently, as protesters gathered outside the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summit in Montebello, Quebec, to confront US President George W. Bush, Mexican President Felipe Calderón and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Associated Press reported this surreal detail: "Leaders were not able to see the protesters in person, but they could watch the protesters on TV monitors inside the hotel.... Cameramen hired to ensure that demonstrators would be able to pass along their messages to the three leaders sat idly in a tent full of audio and video equipment.... A sign on the outside of the tent said, 'Our cameras are here today providing your right to be seen and heard. Please let us help you get your message out. Thank You.'"

Yes, it's true: Like contestants on a reality TV show, protesters at the SPP were invited to vent into video cameras, their rants to be beamed to protest-trons inside the summit enclave. It was security state as infotainment--Big Brother meets, well, Big Brother.


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Jerry Prokosch:
Whenever I hear the word culture, I bring out my checkbook. (To his assistant) Come here. (He places his checkbook on his assistant's back and writes out a check.)

Fritz Lang:
Some years ago - some horrible years ago - the Nazis used to take out a pistol instead of a checkbook.

Le Mépris (1963)