Sunday, July 30, 2006

THE 60 MINUTE ZOOM(notes and fragments)#one


THX sits in a small cube which features a desk facing a
large photograph of the prophet OMM.

My time is yours, go ahead.

THX mumbles a short prayer; which is cut short by the
recorded voice.

Very good, proceed.

THX is uneasy, and fumbles for the right words.

Well.... Things haven't been.....

There is a pause as THX waits .


My mate has been acting very
strange. I can't explain
it.....but. I haven't been feeling
very well myself. I don't know,
maybe it's me. I needed an SP9
last night. I feel as if something
odd were happening to me.


I can't understand. The

THX pauses, and trys to think of what he wants to say.

....I'm taking SP5, but it doesn't
seem strong enough. I have a hard
time concentrating. Please forgive
me, I slipped on....

You are a true believer. Blessings
of the state, blessings of the
masses. Thou art a subject of the
divine. Created in the image of
man, by the masses, for the masses.
Let us be thankful we have an
occupation to fill. Work hard;
increase production; prevent
accidents, and be happy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

1968/JLG one

It's not a just image, it's just an image

Monday, July 24, 2006


You gotta get some
You gotta get some
Look at me I touch your breast
Look at me I touch your knees
And I persuade you
Like always I persuade you
Like always I persuade you
Look at me I touch your head
I say the words and you go to bed
My sister and my mother
My father and my son
Do everything I want them to
With persuasion
One lot of persuasion
Like always persuasion
Now there's lots of ways to persuade you
I could do it with money
I could look at you
I could show you all that
You might as well do it anyway
You might as well choose to play the game
After all you've seen yourself before
What difference does it make if I take your photograph?
What difference does it make if someone else sees it too?
All your friends do it
I mean nobody will know it's you
Anybody, it could be any body
I mean, these magazines, you know,
They only go to middle aged men
So why don't you do what I suggest
I persuade you
With words I persuade you
I've got a little biscuit tin
To keep your panties in
I've got a little biscuit tin
To keep your panties in
Soiled panties, white panties, school panties, Y-front panties
By the canal, by the canal
And I persuade you
Like always I persuade you
Look at me
Look at me
There's a certaing word and a certain touch
A certain way and a way too much
There's a little bit here
And a little bit there
When you've done it all it's too late to care
Oh I persuade you
Like always I persuade you
Look in my eye
Under your covers
I touch you
And tell you what to do
Do it because I tell you
Do it because I love you
And I persuade you

a discussion for a fish_#two

who will lift himself up from his seat and put water in this tank that is emptying ?

Friday, July 21, 2006


To stay up
To stay down
Elevators, airports, stairs, ladders
To stay in
To stay out
Street signs, door signs, people at head of lines admitted to restaurants and theatres
To be myself
To be others
Customs agents check passports, man identifies himself at bank to cash cheque
To stay present
To stay absent
People watching films, reading, looking at TV ...
A composite of this sound and image track is now run on seven second loop without change for several minutes.
Now cut in the horror pictures
To stay up
To stay down
Elevators, airports, stairs, ladders, hangings, castrations
To stay in
To stay out
Door signs, operation scenes ... doctor tosses bloody tonsils, adenoids, appendix into receptacle
To stay present
To stay absent

w.s. bourroughs/ electronic revolution

anybody can be any body

To be me,
to be you,
to stay here,
to stay there,
to be a body,
to be bodies,
to stay present,
to stay past.


the one that leads us to the wrong place

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

erasers live

live at benaki museum, synch 2006
photos by anna psaroudaki

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

better homes and gardens: the offspring of the fur lined foetus

they live in better homes and gardens on the outskirts of the city or even within the city in modified chambers designed to replicate an interior design of the great outdoors. they dress as street walkers and children of a destitute night. they have empty pockets and dirty faces. they crave and crawl.
who are these children, and where do they come from?
they are this cities bank account beggars. they are this cities cultural curruptors (also known as: trend setters)
they dress for what they can not be and they are unware that this dress code mocks the derelicts and the poor.
they have empty pockets because they have full bank accounts.
they crave stardom and crawl to underground opinion industrial warehouses(also known as free press magazines)
they are the children of no past/no future: they are broadcast speakers of safety based on the monotony of established style/art/communication
they come from a fur lined foetus and will be cryogenically preserved so that one day they might make the world glossy and clean/eternally young and permanently dull
we salute you and propose to erect 2 mythical statues in your honor
these statues will be worshiped one day and they will remain in history as do the founders of all great lands(romulus and remus of rome, but not saved by a she-wolf but by microsoft/coca-cola/d+g.....or perhaps some modish and established counter culture icon)
these statues shall be named and worshipped as the statues of Glam and Gloss

erased space/unerased memories

Friday, July 14, 2006

a discussion for a fish _#one

when i visited the Museum at AUSCHWITZ, i stood in front of the display cases. What i saw there where images from contemporary art and i found that absolutely terrifying. Looking at the exhibits of suitcases, prosthetics, children's toys, I didn't feel frightened. I didn't collapse. I wasn't completely overcome the way i had been walking around the camp. No. IN THE MUSEUM, I SUDDENLY HAD THE IMPRESSION I WAS IN A MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. I took the train back, telling myself that they had won! They had won since they'd produced forms of perception that are all of a piece with the mode of destruction they made their own.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

noise collection/confusion chamber

we are trying to de-code the black box which is the hidden audience of the b/museum action of the erasers
all images/words/comments/judgements/ and any other forms of communication can be deposited here

Monday, July 03, 2006

process of revelation3/b_m

part three: working title

Accident of Knowledge