Monday, April 23, 2007


It doesn't matter if we all die
Ambition in the back of a black car
In a high building there is so much to do
Going home time
A story on the radio

Something small falls out of your mouth
And we laugh
A prayer for something better
A prayer
For something better

It feels like a hundred years
A hundred years
A hundred years
A hundred years
A hundred years
One hundred years


Anonymous talkyourtalk said...

a heart is in the mode of confessing

it has been taxed by lovers

everything is too old to be anything less

6:05 PM  
Anonymous walkyourwalk said...

a heart is a hungry hunter
it procedes while it deceives
every lie is on the skin as is every truth
the surface reveals

6:13 PM  
Anonymous talkyourtalkwalkyourwalk said...

we are such complementary hearts

6:34 PM  

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