Saturday, November 24, 2007

THE_CO. /beta_error_bureaucracy_end (gaffer tape recorded citizenship)


THE_CO. /pink noise infiltrates

Friday, November 23, 2007


age: 81
marital status: widower
sight: 30%
hearing: 45%
touch: 55%
taste: 40%
smell: 40%
movement: 45%
CQ count: 8
pathology: contractures;dehydration;incipient hypochromic
anaemia;incontinent;inguinal hernia;inoperable
rectal carcinoma

BA_flesh and metal morphbadges for the guardians

BA_liquidation devices for middleeasternmutatingmachines (SAFE !!!)

BA_the periphery is the center (guardian state)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

subliminal confessions (excerpt)

There was a pile of old clothes in the dark corner. I asked what they were. The men told me that they belonged to the hanged. Most of the prisoners arrived in the cell wearing nothing but underwear. Me too. I had no other option, but to put on dead men’s clothes.

white blood cells/subliminal confessions

Avenue D where the D are just as D

to show them is to silence them
to reveal them is to hide them
to advocate them is to eradicate them

death ist structured

astounded to learn

and after three decades of knowing this still find it difficult to assimilate

that far more people are killed by the ordinary workings of a worldwide system of inequality than were killed by Hitler or Stalin. The reality we don’t face is this: every year, over 30 million people starve to death or die of diseases that could have been prevented by providing access to adequate nutrition – while we throw away enough food to feed millions of them. These deaths are the result of what we call ‘structural murder’, because no one in particular pulls the trigger, but the dead are just as dead.

type map_landscape pass_port_of entry (7)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

lux_ultima_for the continental 7th

by the by/buy by the day, the month, the year

sell the (old) word in the (new) world

the 7th continents abstract industries

before the sword and statue _you wait !


Permit me voyage

I counted the echoes assembling, one after one,

to where

The blackness somewhere gouged glass on the sky.

domestic domains dissolved/the grand exit film filmed eternally(pass_ports)

border guards patrol the time_ waste

7th continent

7th walkabout thru the cloud atlas

the last and greatest of all human dreams where for a transitory enchanted moment man must have held his breath in the presence of this continent, compelled into an aesthetic contemplation he neither understood nor desired, face to face for the last time in history with something commensurate to his capacity for wonder.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

you are now behind the sun

Monday, November 12, 2007

a farewell o lostpostmodernism

lostmodernism allows the question: "who is responsible?"
and the lostmodernist answer is
"it looks like me, but actually there is no real me"-no one in the lostmodernspeak, has a clearly defined or authentic self. In the universe of total, irreversible complicity lostmodernism posits, the cause and effect sequence of individual action and cosequence, motive and deed, is severed.
The break with the lostmodern tradition is that , though everyone is complicit, everyone is also responsible, for everyone is capable of resistance.
there are no "victims", just accomplices; the "mark" collaborates with his exploiter in his own demise.

identity (for lostmodernists) is artifice
it is made this way, betrayed this way
AND CAN BE RE_MADE DIFFERENTLY ( to deny this possibility is the last and worst collusion because it is the only one that can be avoided)


PUNCH A HOLE IN THE BIG LIE (beauty lies etc...)

not hope dealers/not dope dealers(cold turkey for the dogma_s) pt 2

MILITANT MILLI/VANITY VANILLI_quite german/empty and safe and easy to fill and sell

simple semantics for simple sentences that just wont do

And don’t forget beauty lies in the eye of the beholder…
beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but when the beholder is a buyer then beauty simply LIES
and it lies because it has as it's goal to push the price of the holdings of the beholder
a simple sentence that can ofcourse be taken to further down the line
in discussing
what is beauty
how does beauty lie or is the lie the beauty etc...
who is the beholder (or the holder)
has the eye been tainted
the process of remembering, or forgetting to remeber or being programmed to forget and therefore remember what one has been designed to want to acquire and not the actual act of desire as it is spontaneously "felt"/ "experienced" and "communicated"
and more

not the comedy of terror but the terror of comedy

boredom will be rescued by terror

the comedy of errors as mutated into the comedy of terrors
the pseudo dialogue of the "opposition" is not the solution but the problem because in fact the "opposition" is just another horse on the track and the track is one and the same and the horses are one and the same but the race is fixed in favor of the horses that have been winning and now the underdog does not want to change the race, or get off the track but only really wants the race to be fixed in his/her favor
this is not something that is new
it is a cornerstone in Greek society (in general)

art is a dirty job but somebody has to do it

not us

the insider(s)

JUNK BONDAGE (or how to break the mould)

icy conceptual, intellectual, clean cut and quite German

note: we certainly need more safety objects, sterile and meaning_less
conceptualizing the lowest possible denominator and easy to see and
easy to sell

in fact we need to see a sort of "new kids on the block" product/process
lean clean and away from the mean(ing)
made to market

Friday, November 09, 2007


Friday, November 02, 2007

I am uploading

my present,

you 're downloading

my past.