Friday, April 13, 2007

SOCIAL SECURITY(interior_image_modification)

Documents from SOCIAL SECURITY reveal that anti ART CELL drug Pro_Fess, made by SS, should produce violence.
These documents show that Pro_fess, whose generic name is flux, can have serious side effects such as tendency to commit suicide(for the Art Cell) or to behave in a violent manner(for the professional).

Drug Uses

Pro_Fess is a drug used medically in the treatment of depression(for the Art Cell), obsessive-compulsive manipulation(for the professional), image bulimia nervosa(for the uber_professional), and many other uses. It is a psychotropic drug for immoral administration.

How Taken

Pro_Fess usually is taken once or twice a day. To be effective, it should be taken regularly. Make a habit of taking it at the same time you do some other daily activity. It may be 4 weeks before you feel any predatory behavior, but the drug's effects should last about 9 months after a 3-month treatment regimen.

produced for predators
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Blogger Rainman said...

I am suffering from image bulimia nervosa, but I had no idea until I read this :-)
cool post!

4:57 PM  
Anonymous witty titty said...

the new drug I make is called "hide effects," you can be totally out of your scull without anyone realizing it. but ok, I'll try yours 2, where can I order?

4:57 PM  

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