Monday, January 17, 2011

possible narrative(non_narrative) structures_for in progress work(s)

disorganized complexity
(inormation_disipline/ exploring the boundaries between noise and information_on verbal/sonic/visual platforms)

steady series of resignations

everything begins(and ends)
in whiteness
the intense whiteness                     the dialogue is established                                      the rooms: break in/of
                                                    of the light which strikes                                         language_small mouths
                                                    the apartment floors, the inhabitants faces               of objects and women
                                                    with it's silver handled whip

                                                                         disorganization of the text
                                                                         breaking off of the narrative

she tries to leave, somehow
seek out the reasoning that keeps her detained/self-detained
                                                                                             self awareness is summon from self awareness
                                                                                             truth in ceaseless movements, in distraction
                                                 UNITY CONDEMNS
                                                 plunge into disparity, in search of the anonymous



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