Monday, November 12, 2007

a farewell o lostpostmodernism

lostmodernism allows the question: "who is responsible?"
and the lostmodernist answer is
"it looks like me, but actually there is no real me"-no one in the lostmodernspeak, has a clearly defined or authentic self. In the universe of total, irreversible complicity lostmodernism posits, the cause and effect sequence of individual action and cosequence, motive and deed, is severed.
The break with the lostmodern tradition is that , though everyone is complicit, everyone is also responsible, for everyone is capable of resistance.
there are no "victims", just accomplices; the "mark" collaborates with his exploiter in his own demise.

identity (for lostmodernists) is artifice
it is made this way, betrayed this way
AND CAN BE RE_MADE DIFFERENTLY ( to deny this possibility is the last and worst collusion because it is the only one that can be avoided)


PUNCH A HOLE IN THE BIG LIE (beauty lies etc...)


Blogger mondo said...

if modernism is the title postmodernism is the content and I am the footnote.

mornin brothers

8:43 AM  
Anonymous tied said...

Lady of the Blake

11:58 AM  
Anonymous ibid said...

the footnotes must now charge the battlefield of ink on paper and assault from the front lines
the footnotes must retreat and admit to the loss of possibilities and hide under the cliche that all is but a footnote to that which has been already written and has been crowned as ...masterwork/masterpiece

12:31 PM  
Anonymous asterisk said...

ok, I'm on my way for either way, although I hate the blood of ink

12:48 PM  
Anonymous it is so, is it not ? said...

the ink ultimately turns to blood
does it not?
in the texts that matter, that is

1:31 PM  

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