Monday, November 12, 2007

boredom will be rescued by terror

the comedy of errors as mutated into the comedy of terrors
the pseudo dialogue of the "opposition" is not the solution but the problem because in fact the "opposition" is just another horse on the track and the track is one and the same and the horses are one and the same but the race is fixed in favor of the horses that have been winning and now the underdog does not want to change the race, or get off the track but only really wants the race to be fixed in his/her favor
this is not something that is new
it is a cornerstone in Greek society (in general)

art is a dirty job but somebody has to do it

not us


Anonymous the donedog said...

i'll voluntarily do it for you...

8:57 AM  
Anonymous junk bondage said...

volunteers for the flames
how nice
the inquisition has begun
curators and collectors sitiing around a table
are you prepared to answer their questions, heretic?

11:55 AM  
Anonymous brown nose said...

art is a dirty job but somebody has to kiss ass

12:31 PM  
Anonymous αιμέτικ said...

and suck the leftovers

12:53 PM  
Anonymous brown nose said...

the leftovers are the most important part since they are the "NEW BREED"...the next wave....the fresh......etc...

2:02 PM  

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