Monday, November 12, 2007

simple semantics for simple sentences that just wont do

And don’t forget beauty lies in the eye of the beholder…
beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but when the beholder is a buyer then beauty simply LIES
and it lies because it has as it's goal to push the price of the holdings of the beholder
a simple sentence that can ofcourse be taken to further down the line
in discussing
what is beauty
how does beauty lie or is the lie the beauty etc...
who is the beholder (or the holder)
has the eye been tainted
the process of remembering, or forgetting to remeber or being programmed to forget and therefore remember what one has been designed to want to acquire and not the actual act of desire as it is spontaneously "felt"/ "experienced" and "communicated"
and more


Blogger mondo said...

lies are the ideal punishment for the stupid to circulate.

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