Tuesday, September 25, 2007


1. each part of the rhizome can be connected with any other part, and it must be;
2. in a rhizome there are no dots or positions, as we find in tree-like or root-like structures;
3. in a rhizome there are only lines;
4. any part of a rhizome can be broken up; it will grow again, following one of the lines
5. the rhizome is anti-genealogical;
6. the rhizome always has its own outside, with which it makes rhizome;
7. the rhizome is not a cast, but a map; the map is open, it can be connected with something else, in each of its dimensions; it can be taken to pieces, put upside-down; it is open to continuous modifications;
8. a network of trees, branching out in any direction, can make rhizome (that is to say that a partial network of trees can be artificially cut out from any rhizome);
9. the rhizome has no center, so that in it the local initiatives can be coordinated independently from a central or original instance.


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