Friday, February 29, 2008

exi(s)t /exile empire _4

There is a curve in the highway. For as long as you drive you always find this curve ahead of you and you wonder if you will ever see a straight line. Then as you turn the curve again you feel the fear. That this is all there is. That not only will you not see a straight line but that there is nothing beyond this curve. And that it will not end. That it will not close. You hope and dream that at least it might one day become a circle and when the circle is complete you might rest. But this day has not arrived and you doubt that it will ever arrive. Is it because it is meant to be this way? Is it because you were created for this? How long will this last? How long will your eyes shed tears at the slowly dimming hope that the horizon will appear before you and in a straight line you might meet it and disappear into it’s arms.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

When all lines are broken and no sail appears on the blank horizon, when no wave of immediate experience surges and crests, then there remains to the isolated subject in the grip of taedium vitae one last thing-and that is empathy.

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