Monday, February 25, 2008


"You invited me. It' s not my custom to go where I am not wanted." In this response, the Mystery Man provides another pice of evidence the he occupies the position of the Superego. Just like the Mystery Man, the Superego is an intruder from an external place into an internal one.

Lynch uses sound or the lack of it, to make clear the bond between Fred and the Mystery Man. When the Mystery Man approaches Fred in order to speak with him, the background noise of the party dims to become almost inaudible, as if, in the midst of this crowded party, the Mystery Man and Fred are having a private-intraphysic-conversation.

the impossible David Lynch, Todd McGowan, Columbia university press


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Anonymous ? said...

was ist ist,
was ist nicht, ist möglich.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’m in the crowd, watching this kind of open-air circus. A guy comes to me asking my name and number. I look in his eyes thinking he’s handsome . It’s too loud , he can’t hear me voicing my name. He gives me a piece of paper, a crossword page to write.I try to fit my name in the little squares, impossible-can’t write , like a child. Then I see this neighbor of mine, old ugly lady, and I think I’ll turn my back on her to hide, and if she comes, I’ll pretend she scared me, to embarrass and get rid of her. And I do so, and I feel her hand on my shoulder, and as I turn, faking a cry, I look at the figure and keep on really screaming franticly .It’s not her, it’s that man from that crazy Lynch movie.

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