Friday, February 29, 2008

exi(s)t /exile empire _2

the story I would most like to hear at this moment should have as it’s driving force only the desire to narrate, to pile stories upon stories, without trying to impose a philosophy of life upon you, simply allowing you to observe it’s own strength, like a tree, an entangling, as if of branches and leaves.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Relationships can be edited, characters can be edited, to compose a grand narrative of salvation or damnation.On any stage, like this one here.
As long as people don’t touch in real life, everything can be played out.
Your warm welcome was answered by my bitter sweet response .Lingering between feeling trapped in the role of the perfect lover, and my heart beating fast on a dream of perfect love.
I miss you like hell, my joy.But my (not so) anonymous words keep bleeding their meaning here.They will become fully alive again when/if said off stage.

6:37 PM  

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