Friday, February 29, 2008

exi(s)t /exile empire _3

I am tired at seeing things that can be seen only by me. I am tired at hearing laughter when I speak of these things. I want to show them to others so that they might become real and not just objects of beauty or pain lost in my mind. I want my mind to escape the darkness of mute captivity. I believe that if for one moment one person can see these objects that I might acquire meaning, that it will all make sense. Are these objects so important? I don’t know but I think they might at least be worth being used as garbage for a lonely man to light a fire and warm himself on a cold winter night. If only for this moment, they will have served their purpose.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

your wish was heard
don't you see, I see?
you showed me a world of beauty and pain,this is your present to my present and future
now, that you escaped the darkness of mute captivity, put a smile on your face and rest for a while.It's been a long way from there to here

2:50 PM  

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