Tuesday, February 17, 2009

kung fu kapital


Anonymous luther said...

Furthermore, I don't consider unusual this station of nihilism where I'm lingering as in a waiting room, half bored, half waiting for an alarm bell. People then turn into passengers, and we're surprised at the waiter still taking an order down. Given the disquieting mutation of our world, almost everyone should know the atmosphere in which we start doubting about reason. It may just be a spectral dream.

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Anonymous luther said...

The failure of most of the situationists serves to understand the nature of the catastrophe and to run along the crisis. Panic can be an incredible energizer.

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Anonymous fun da mental said...

The Revolution of Everyday Life:
The Reversal of Perspective
by Raoul Vaneigem

Chapter 25 "You're Fucking Around With Us? - Not For Long!"

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Anonymous F/N said...

The ideal world is a lie invented to deprive reality of its value, its meaning, its truth. Until now the ideal has been the curse of reality. This lie has so pervaded humanity that it has been perverted and has falsified itself even in its deepest instincts, even to the point where it bows down to values directly opposed to those which formerly ensured progress by ensuring the self-transformation of the present.

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Anonymous closer said...

Para no sentirme solo
por los siglos de los siglos

All we have in common is the illusion of being together. And beyond the illusion of permitted anodynes there is only the collective desire to destroy isolation (1). -- Impersonal relationships are the no-man's land of isolation. By producing isolation, contemporary social organization signs its own death-sentence (2).

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Anonymous elliptical said...

chimeric dreams
keeping us
from accepting simplicity
enjoying pleasures
generated in the fullness
of our being
our on going transformation

2:02 PM  
Anonymous political said...

there is no final doom
no savior
there is no final heaven
no devil
(believe) me
I believe (in you)

2:10 PM  

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