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Anonymous When Maddy met Laura said...

Jouissance, contrasts with plaisir, which is a controlled state that happens within cultural norms. Jouissance is pleasure (and any stimulation) that can be too much to bear. It may be very largely felt as suffering. It is pleasure and pain together, a feeling of being at the edge. It can indicate a breaking of boundaries, a connection beyond the self. This can range from a mother feeling intense connection with a breast-feeding baby to meditative feelings of oneness with the universe. One of the goals of life is to manage jouissance. Unchecked emotion will control and overwhelm you. Society helps this through controlling mechanisms such as education and cultural norms. It has been said that jouissance is 'drained' from the body throughout life, leading to the calm of old age...

...otherwise, fire walk with me.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous deespair said...

i fall in love
for a moment
before I hit despair
I turn around to see you
another one is there
how the bells of the clock
how the bell do chime
that awful reminder
"you never will be mine"

3:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be
what I always
have been


10:37 AM  

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