Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coitus interruptus

Coitus interruptus, also known as withdrawal or the pull-out method, is a method of contraception in which a couple has sexual intercourse, but semen is ejaculated outside of and away from the vagina. Coitus interruptus may also more generally refer to any extraction of the penis prior to ejaculation during intercourse. This method has been widely used for at least 2,000 years and was used by an estimated 38 million couples worldwide in 1991.


Anonymous report from the board of health and deviant sexual activities said...

there have been reports that have been submitted to the inspectors of the bureau which seem to show a very close knit relationship between sexual fornification and drug abuse. among many of the peripheral, but none the less, imporatnt aspects is -for instance: the phraseology

pull out
(these words are a small example and are primarily taken from the heterosexual sexual is even more interesting to the bureau when we look at other forms of sexuality: homosexual/bisexual/bondage/bestiality/voyeurism and so on and so forth)
as this first initial report is being passed on to higher officials in the bureau we already have certain agents in the field that are researching to an even deeper level , these obvious(and some times , not so obvious) connections.
as you are well aware we, as a bureau, cannot divulge the names of the operatives and so we would suggest to all of those that might read this report that it would be of no consequence to look for those that formerly where engaged in the service of the bureau (and still might be, for even if they are their moniker has been shifted)
operatives such as spare ass annie, the subliminal kid, kiki and so on do not exist or exist in another state. some would like to know if this is a state of mind or an actual state (as in republics or other forms of government).
once again this information cannot and will not be divulged until the bureau has reached its final assessment and the deviants have been brought to justice and the word strain has been eliminated.

p.s this message is coded and all the information has nothing to do with what you just read. or does it?

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To seek new blood in its own death, to renew the cycle by the mirror of crisis, negativity and anti-power: this is the only alibi of every power, of every institution attempting to break the vicious circle of its irresponsibility and its fundamental nonexistence, of its deja-vu and its deja-mort.

I loved you anyway

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Violence," she writes, "can always destroy power. Out of the barrel of a gun grows the most effective command, resulting in the most instant and perfect obedience. What never can grow out of it [violence] is power." [For example, violence and threat of violence by the emperors Caligula and Nero did not enhance their power. It diminished their power.]

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