Saturday, January 24, 2009

between the lines/the possibility of a history

autonomy is the body without organs of politics, anti-hierarchic, anti-dialectic, anti-representative. it is not only a political project, it is a project for "existence".
individuals are never autonomous: they depend on external recognition. the autonomous body is not exclusive or identifiable. it is beyond recognition. a body of workers, it breaks away from labor discipline; a body of militants, it ignores party organization; a body of doctrine, it refuses ready-made classifications.
autonomy has no frontiers. it is a way of eluding the imperatives of production, the verticality of institutuions, the traps of political representation, the virus of power. in biology, an autonomous organism is an element that functions
independently of other parts.
political autonomy is the desire to allow differences to depen at the base without trying to synthesize them from above, to stress similar attitudes without imposing a 'GENERAL LINE', to allow parts to co-exist side by side, in their singularity.



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