Thursday, January 22, 2009

the impossible clasS

the workers in europe should declare that henceforth as a class they are a human impossibility, and not only, as is customary, a harsh and purposeless establishment.

They should introduce an era of vast swarming out from the European beehive, the like of which has never been experienced, and with this act of emigration in the grand manner protest against the machine, against capital, and against the choice with which they are now threatened, of becoming of necessity either slaves of the state or slaves of a revolutionary party.

let Europe relieve itself of the fourth part of it's inhabitants...

What at home began to degenarate into dangerous discontent and criminal tendencies will, once outside, gain a wild and beautiful naturalness and be called heroism...

the romantic view/then

point_a of discussion/connection: the simplicity in which "marginality" was/is and will be eradicated.
point_b: the necesity for transversality/diversity/fluidity

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