Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the personal impersonal and the propaganda of networked melodrama


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A new form of narrative is indeed needed, since the metanarrative seems problematic (and Lyotard had partially right pointing down its totalizing nature) but a petit narrative wouldn't be satisfactory either.Perhaps a new form is being shaped, an oblique, time and space specific diegisis (placed on the here and now), an inter-intra-disciplinary way of representation.
What I see as key elements:spiral evolution, multiple interrelated narrators, globalization and locality, technicity, humans role and intentionality.(For the fun of it) lets call it "loxonarrative".It would be interesting to juxtapose war narratives and ToL.Today’s “assymetrical” warfare could be a good example.In these premises, the cinematic narrative of “Babel”, could be a (not grey but colorful) form of representation of our era, or a hidden Hollywood propaganda

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would suggest that it could be "fun" to look at more "experimental" cinematic structures and possible represenations/repressions. in this case we can draw parallels between these front garde narrative models/the ever expanding(or imploding according to others)narrative forms in electronic networks and research the new fundamental"building blocks" of propaganda. this is the new school(loxonarrative, if you like), since the more established and regognizable forms of propaganda are just that: recognizable. ofcourse this does not mean that they are not used, since they still have a purpose. this is because the "architects" of propaganda are very aware that they have to be abstract as well as concrete, that they have to use the non-linear as well as the linear. in fact the nouveau romain(let us look at this term in a larger sense- and not only within the scope of its own quaintness- , covering all models of narrative) is written by propaganda programmers (each in their own field of expertise)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

strange times that we live in
to stand before reality
one should develop a new way
of being.
I agree, things are far more serious than they appear.

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Anonymous al zarkaoui said...

to beleive the current batch of "privileged creatives" is the bearer of a special historical destiny requires some imaginative overtime.

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Anonymous curccio oplaki said...

the current state of the art can be found at google headquarters .......the future one @ bstation.

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Anonymous the one from the virtuactuality blog (hi guys) said...

"an oblique, time and space specific diegesis (placed on the here and now)"

anonymous, does the past belong to a space? what about the inter-intra-disciplinary way of non-representation?

given that all contents of form are somehow interrelated/inter-generated, if they end up 'being' only within the framework of a here and now, I'm afraid this personal impersonal 'here-nowness' will have us mourning a permanent loss, regardless of rhetorics of propaganda or melodrama.

an aggregation of infinite forms and structures can only pertain to limits, limits within infinity, name it whatever you like, grand narrative, small narrative, oblique here-nowness.

limits have everything on the run trying to expand, perhaps all things are nothing but mere examples.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it possible to see the past out of the limits of our context?Isn't reality a construct, whatever we think of it to be, a representation?we try to make sense of the chaos surrounding us, by attributing meaning to things, things don't have a meaning by themselves.
I'm not sure what you mean by non-representation, a narrative of a non-reality?a non-narrative?
and the limits you refer to, these limits are not our "herenowness"?
I think we'll agree on the fact of our limited nature that prevents us from seeing but partially.And remind ourselves that there are many interpretations, therefor no absolutes.Dialogue is all we have and a sober one,what allows us coexistance

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