Saturday, August 16, 2008

fear (+/of) form/_2

(do we need some other form) to take the place of the grand narratives that (seemed) to have ofered us salvation (?)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

simultaneous exploration of the simulation of representation

11:13 PM  
Anonymous (-f)ear said...

we can always go deeper
we can always go higher
we can explore both
the ridiculous and the sublime
we need a metaphor staged
to grasp the feeling of the moment
to capture time

10:31 AM  
Anonymous digger said...

Whenever one represents, one inscribes in memory, and this might seem a good defence against forgetting. It is, I believe, just the opposite. Only that which has been inscribed can, in the current sense of the term, be forgotten, because it could be effaced... One cannot escape the necessity of representing. It would be sin itself to believe oneself safe and sound. But it is one thing to do it in view of saving the memory, and quite another to try to preserve the remainder, the unforgettable forgotten, in writing.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous in theory said...

"We live more quickly than ourselves, the pen doesn't follow.To paint the present which is passing us by, we stop the present"
Memory lives in the present,we retrieve instants of the past, coloring them according to how we feel/think now.We write, I think, neither to remember nor to forget, but to real-ize.To re-present.

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The saving effect of writing always resides in the secret of language . . . In eliminating the unutterable of language, in making it pure like a crystal, one obtains a truly neuter and sober style of writing . . . This style and writing, neuter and at the same time highly political, aim to lead to what is refused to speech…

The intense orientation of speech in the nucleus of the most profound silence results alone in the effect.

4:04 PM  

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