Thursday, October 11, 2007

not hope dealers/not dope dealers(cold turkey for the dogma_s)


Anonymous the spectaclist said...

image objects through blogs cannot be sorry

i'm sorry erasers, i'm sorry..

3:13 PM  
Anonymous vez said...

image objects can be invested with emotions as well as produce emotions
if you beleieve that they can not then you have shutters on your eyes
if you where to look at the world around you and the infiltration of images
would u state that none of these (from the smallest flyer/stickers/hand written notices pasted on a wall etc...) convey no emotional content to you?

i would asssume that your response would be negative based on the reading of even this message

you decipher it as a flat plane of meaning, whereas it is a multiple plane of meaning(s)

for example irony
intrinsically it is based on multiple meanings(essentially 2, but also more)

and so on

3:26 PM  
Anonymous introverted avatar said...

do u deny the right of my mediated self to be more direct in it's emotional communication?

3:32 PM  
Anonymous my own surface said...

my image don't take it too personally, i never denied you the right to emotion, yet this bugger is part of a performing habit of mankind, you may be true in form but what you convey is the business of others

then again maybe i'm wrong..

3:55 PM  

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