Thursday, October 11, 2007

no code now (the future lasts forever)


Anonymous blah blah black sheep said...

the not yet lasts forever and ever

and anything in -ity, it's such a pity, just had to go

3:23 PM  
Anonymous althusser said...

can you specify the difference between the not yet and the future?

3:29 PM  
Anonymous blah blah said...

let me see... if you bring back your wife as she were just before you killed her, the potentiality of killing lingers in the future

4:00 PM  
Anonymous althusser said...

note: i did not kill my wife but the physical manifestation of my theories
and so i would argue that it was a suicide of an impotent imagination embodied in helene

4:09 PM  
Anonymous helene said...

as far a s coming back and the potentiality of lingering
i do not have a taste for p.k dickian exegisis theories

4:11 PM  
Anonymous blahhhhh said...

you don't kill a contradiction, you produce it... so who exactly did you kill, are you sure it was your wife?

who on earth is p.k. dick except a lowly science fiction writer? how dare you helene, ahahaha

5:24 PM  
Blogger A/SA/SYN said...

What a foolish conversation , it was just about a massage accident..

4:08 AM  

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