Thursday, February 08, 2007


atlhough the erasers have been tempted to offer some kind of code of definitions/an instruction kit or some kind of manual as far as the "work" of the erasers
we will not do so
there is a method to their madness(some might say amd other will surely disagree)
our madness is our method and our method is non-defined:

open source/open forms

if we give a definition/manual etc.. to what we do then we have no reasons for doing it
the erasers are new every time
their "work" exists only in front of an audience(singular and/or plural)
if one wishes to have advice given to them
if one wishes to know the the future
if one wishes a blue print
if one wishes for facts
if one wishes for assurances and guarantees
then one does not wish for elements of risk/danger and surprise

if one wishes for all of the above
then there are many sights/blogs etc..that one can navigate to
the danger of a mathematical equation is that its numbers form iron bars
strict codes develop into calculation chambers

let you fall
or let the guantanamo boys lead you to your cell


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