Tuesday, May 16, 2006

autistic anonymous2

the erasers have decided to create a word sect based on non-sensical information. this was decided after the random dialogue that exists in the comments under the hungry eye_thirsty ear post. we welcome irrelevant criticism/word mongers/introspective theoreticians and all individuals that have been corrupted by language and express themselves in the most extreme forms of ill communication.
the meetings will be conducted in a room (that will be announced).
the participants will wear a white hood.
the meetings will begin with the first participant going to the front of the other participants and stating: my name is X and i believe in the word JUSTICE.
the other participants will repeat: "his name is X and he believes in JUSTICE"

we will pray to the third edition of Websters Dictionary


Anonymous subatista said...

just as long as you keep answering mates. this is definitely not over yet. my name is subatista and i pay my allegiance to the overall bastardia of centrifugal sacrimony. you have declared yourselves at war. i am keen to follow through with erasing the erasers out of the erasedom of erasure. beware the semantics of bigotry you juicy brains. justice is a pot in the head._

9:15 AM  
Anonymous adverbial bastion & sanity foil said...

"definitely" enjoying this

11:09 AM  
Anonymous subatista said...

under public scrutiny are we?

11:12 AM  
Blogger antisoziale kunst said...

erase jknjkdfsbjknjk

1:16 PM  
Anonymous adverbial bastion said...

knowing subatista you'd have to say please

2:42 PM  
Anonymous subatista said...


5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:15 AM  

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