Friday, May 12, 2006

hungry eye_thirsty ear

Erasing is almost by definition outsider videosonics, opposed to capitalist business- as -usual. Erasers want to explore the possibilities of the instant----in this space, using these instruments, with this audience(or lack of it)......Erasing does not guarantee any particular sound,image or mood, it produces a question mark rather than a commodity.


Anonymous Subatista said...

One might wonder what kind of making all this erasing is -where does it come from? Is such a paradox really that interesting? I mean, apart from disguising your lack of talent whatsoever in doing things no skilled person with some sensitivity about art would even begin to ponder, your monologues are also conceptually unproductive, which in turn means there must be a great tide of misfortune guiding your troubled heads. Look for the people you hurt, if you're just looking for closure. And you thought friends are forever...

11:28 AM  
Blogger mr. comfort said...

1-we do not care about where things come from because we leave such idle quests to those that are submerged in themselves and their metaphysical quest for answers concerning the origin of things.
2-a paradox loses interest once one begins to analyze the inherent values within a paradox. so no paradox is interesting once it is put under the magnifying glass of pure logic.
3-we do not disguise our lack of talent, we reveal it.
4-we are not skilled. we have no sensitivity about art(especialy the neo-victorian sensitivity which you seem to refer to)and are monologues are unproductive because they are dialogues. a statement is made and this statement desires a reply. The productivity, which you refer to is not in the statement (in and of itself)but in the reply and in the course which this dialogue will take. again if you deire some all-inclusive system perhaps you might want to look at theological thought systems or revert back to clearly structured(productive) political theories. teleogolgy is not for us.
5-as for the rest of your comment- from"a great tide of misfortune" til "friends are forever"-unfortunantely we cannot(and do not care to) comment on the introspective psychogeography of your state of mind.
note a- closure is a non-existent term
note b-nothing lasts forever as nothing should

12:22 PM  
Anonymous subatista said...

you selfish, insensitive beings. you understand nothing -you think yourselves better than the rest, that is typical of your extremist race. can you not negate not.

12:44 PM  
Blogger mr. comfort said...

do you enjoy self-implosion?
it seems that you do

the paradox of the person who analyzes paradoxes and yet cannot see the paradox of:

"you understand nothing"-does this imply that you understand everything?
if so, does this not form a paradox when you say that we are an "extremist race" when in fact you are the one that holds the answers to all the questions and therefore is able to judge us as non-understanding subjects

do you enjoy word mongering?
it seems that you do

"can you not negate not"

as stated in the previous reply
teleology is not for us

12:59 PM  
Anonymous adverbial bastion said...

Just tell us you're not enjoying this.

2:29 PM  
Blogger mr. comfort said...

all autistic anonymous dispatches are welcomed

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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