Wednesday, July 16, 2008

homework/rewind and play

although we have stated that we will not "explain" the structure and content of the project that you viewed(and we will follow this line of non-explanation), we would like to say that there are (obviously) certain goals that we wanted to achieve.
one of these seems to us to be self-explanatory and in our times(now) necessary.
this is that each viewer has tha ability, capability to move/to roam within the geography of the "chaos" of signs and to create his/her own interpretation.
this interpretation is not limited by us and has been structured in such a way so that each viewer can take this voyage/detour home with him/her
to continue to view after the real time viewing
to connect moments in personal time(memory) after communal time has finished(performance time)
to re-structure the "seemingly" unstructured
do we achieve this?
perhaps not
but we work for it


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