Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the begining of infinity

Now people could be transported to wherever they wanted to go in the fraction of the time. Cities were able to move farther into land and grow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My beloved Gulliver
I invited you to jaunt with me
so many times
but you couldn't memorize
the exact location
always 1-2 stations apart
don't get angry
you'll end up in Gouffre Martel
and I'm only wishing you
the stars
and a lover for eternity

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something I learned today
Black and white is always grey
Looking through the window pane
I'm not inside your brain
Something I learned today
Yield to the right-of-way
Stopping at a 4-way sign
Someone else's rules, not mine

Something I learned today
Never look straight in the sun's rays
Letting all the sunshine in
Can't remember where I've been

12:12 AM  
Anonymous lektionzwei said...

Does death come alone or with eager reinforcements?
Death is centrifugal
Solar and logical
Decadent and symmetrical
Angels are mathematical
Angels are bestial
Man is the animal
Man is the animal

1:03 PM  

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