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Anonymous speak my language said...

Collisions involve forces (there is a change in velocity). Collisions can be elastic, meaning they conserve energy and momentum, inelastic, meaning they conserve momentum but not energy, or totally inelastic (or plastic), meaning they conserve momentum and the two objects stick together.

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Anonymous anonim deux said...

while they' re having sex, peter repeatedly tells alice, "i want you, want you." after a few minutes, alice gets up, says to peter, "you' ll never have me," and walks into the nearby cabin. as she enters the cabin, peter transforms back to fred madison. at the moment when peter is about to "have" alice, he loses her: the fantasy dissolves, and he falls back into his identity before the fantasy. this transformation reveals, as zizek notes, "that the fantasmatic way out was a false exit, that in all imaginable/possible universes, failure is what awaits us.

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Anonymous no said...

what would you be without this fantasmatic way out?
o prisoner of your own mind.
of your own body.

what would you be, if you truly believed, that failure is what awaits you?
a failure for the failure.

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