Friday, June 15, 2007


in the real time surveillance film which is being constructed every day and which will lead, inevitably, to an editing room in future time/DVD proposes various forms of action
the first of these actions is the scripting of ones self. these T's are an example
make your own
go to the set( the street/the train platform)
watch what is watching you
dont play it's role but your role
design to decide on your message and not the one imposed on you

the second proposal from DVD will be posted soon (it will be masks that can be worn and that will create the effect of showing your face as broken pixels on CCTV)


Anonymous i cctv you said...

super idea
mporo na sas proteino lexeis, protaseis klp...?

6:03 PM  
Anonymous eraserone said...

you can do as you wish/desire
this is an open source for ideas_actions....and all
inolve yourself/evolve us

6:07 PM  
Anonymous amerikkka said...

the screening room is in a bunker with one chair across from the screen
the final film edited for the sole
the one

7:52 PM  
Anonymous black mermaid said...

I want one that reads:
loose angle - spaceless

8:59 PM  
Anonymous olive said...

I want one that reads:


6:33 PM  
Anonymous red & black option said...

iwould like one that goes like that :
/shot by both sides /

4:35 PM  

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