Wednesday, March 28, 2007

DA means NO

We don't give a shit about your phony social reality either. "Once upon a timeĀ" doesn't interest us whether your setting is the past (historical fiction), the present (contemporary classics) or the future (cyberhype). We prefer to lose ourselves in the exquisite realms of the timeless narrative disaster, the thrill of breaking down syntax and deregulating the field of composition so that you no longer have to feel chained to the bed of commercial standardization. The emerging youth culture's ability to align itself with intuitive intelligence and non-linear narrative surfing is just one sign of where the NO artist's audience is situated. Soon the Data Superhighway will finally once and for all do away with the high-priced middlemen, and artists will reap the benefits of their own hard-earned labor. The distribution formula will radically change from
Author - Agent - Publisher - Printer - Distributor - Retailer - Consumer
to a more simplified and direct
Author (Sender) - Interactive Participant (Receiver)


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