Monday, April 24, 2006


the following information has been received:
a-disorganized electroacoustics/militant optics
b-designed elements/mutating organizations

note:the information,as written above, was typed on a yellow envelope. this envelope was placed in a black garbage bag. a note was left on this communication link(blog)requesting that THE ERASERS retreive the garbage bag from X bin located on X street , in the center of athens. the garbage bag was retreived. it was opened. the yellow envelope appeared. inside the envelope there was a standard issue cassette tape. on the one side of the cassette there was typed(the same type as was used on the yellow envelope): LO(O)SE MEANING
on the other side of the cassette there was typed:
subtitle: as arithmatic is to terror
track list:
1-exploration A
2-radio TELEGR>
3-interior principles
4-visual annunciation devices
5-definite grid
6-c drogo/actual sum
7-suppression systems
8-industrial light
9-AKAV(or delay)

upon listening to this tape, THE ERASERS decided to initiate DE/MO
THE ERASERS will receive sounds.
the process is:
a-record whatever you desire. but only cassette tape format
b-on side a of the tape ther must be typed: LO(O)SE MEANING
c-on side b of the tape, type only the title/ subtitle/track list. all personal evaluations/ideologies/explanations are unacceptable.
c-leave a note on this communication link and a drop off point will be communicated.

further instructions will be posted


Anonymous 12i said...

You slurms read the bible?

10:09 AM  
Blogger mr. comfort said...

Others apart sat on a hill retir'd,
in thoughts more elevate,and reason,d high
Of Providence,foreknowledge,will,and fate,
Fix'd fate,free will,foreknowledge absolute,
And found no end,in wand'ring mazes lost.

11:59 AM  
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