Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Bio-experiments, bio-life, bio-mechanics, bio-money, bio-banks, biohazard, bio-terror, bio-government, bio-real-time, bio-communication, bio-genetics, bio-politics, bio-history, bio-science, bio-presence, bio-culture shops. The replica, the duplicate, the clone, the non-organic, DNA, RNA, the helix, the coaxial, the bio-cell, the molecular, the fact that we ‘re human, demolish the science of metamorphosis, progress, the meat is not murder, is it meat or machine? Global economies, social systems, immigration patterns, information exchanges, mobile and wireless communications, stock exchange, computer-analysis, population analysis, micro chip, nano-chip, macro compute, devices of control, demolish ethics, exterminate agony, delete the presence of this world, codes, passwords, data, files, numbers, binary, beton arme, structures, post structures, meta-mo-struct, abstraction, regardless ideology and philosophy, the improper and the proper use of what we call life, pull for emergency EXIT, erase the terror, the great terror of all mankind, this is the drama of the human, it is a drama that is by turns tragic and absurdist. This drama, producing dadaist mammals, extra ears, pigs with wings, activist crops, and 'fuzzy biological sabotage'. Biological life: microbes, epidemics, endosymbiosis, parasitism, swarms, packs, flocks, a-life, genetic algorithms, bio-pathways, smart dust, smartmobs, netwars -- there is a whole bestiary that asks us to think the life-multiplicity relation. What is life? Life is X. Whatever X happens to be, eidos, mechanism, life-force, selection, code. Life is...resistance... Life is X…Life is…resistance... Resistance is to erase…


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